Lynden, Washington
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Future Development of Lynden

A Vision for the Community

The citizens of Lynden have worked together to compose a vision for the city in the years to come. The predominate objective of this vision is that Lynden will retain its community spirit, small town atmosphere and agricultural roots. The definitions of these ideals may be found in the following goals for the future of Lynden, they could not be based on number or even entirely on the experience of a "small" town. These goals are specifically related to the implementation and achievements of Lynden’s Vision. They will be accompanied by a specific set of policies to ensure that the quality of life in Lynden does not diminish with the increase in population.

Historically, a sense of community spirit has been enhanced and encouraged through acts of caring and kindness, a sense of community trust and understanding, a strong attitude of volunteerism and citizenship, organized community activities, a feeling of teamwork to confront common goals and ownership in the future of the City of Lynden. All of these actions have been fostered through the vitality of spiritual faith and a Judeo-Christian tradition. Voluntary Sunday closure has historically been a part of this tradition in an effort by the community to preserve and enhance family values.

The fundamental goal of Lynden’s citizens and decision-makers is to sustain Lynden for future generations. The provision of attractive housing affordable to all ages and incomes, and addressing the diverse needs of the population are part of Lynden's mission for the future. Being good stewards of the environment and the economy are essential to preserving the city’s sense of community, security and its unique identity.

  • The City of Lynden’s history in agricultural activities should be preserved and enhanced through the preservation of agriculturally suitable land and the growth and expansion of agricultural resources, research and services, as well as farming practices. Additionally "value-added" agriculture related industry should be encouraged.
  • The current emphasis on public safety should be encouraged to remain strong. Ongoing participation in public safety education programs are a part of that emphasis.
  • Community participation in the educational systems is fundamental to providing opportunities for all ages within the community. Lynden’s dual school system provides a unique opportunity for educational excellence.
  • Recreational activities for all ages are important in creating a feeling of community spirit. Trails and other recreational facilities should be maintained for citizens of all ages. Activities for youths should be a focus point for the community to provide the city’s young adults an opportunity for positive recreation.
  • Cultural diversity is a benefit to all the citizens of Lynden. Members of the community, as well as the elected officials, should become leaders in this area and promote the cooperation and coordination of this spirit. Community leaders should encourage an attitude of inclusiveness and cultural diversity. Multi-cultural events should be encourage and scheduled so all members of the Lynden community can participate.
  • Lynden’s attractiveness should be maintained and enhanced through the development of programs to keep the City clean, streets well maintained, an urban street tree plan, community parks and open space, greenbelts and well maintained residential yards and neighborhoods. Viewscapes throughout the City should be preserved and protected.
  • The current spirit of cooperation between business owners, citizens and the City officials and administrators should be encouraged to continue in order to pursue economic vitality. The historic downtown should keep the Dutch-European theme and design. Plans for a park, civic center, and Town Square following the Dutch/European theme should continue. The commercial districts should focus on pedestrian orientation to encourage people to "window shop" and promote an economically health downtown diverse in goods and services as well as manage vehicular traffic in a pedestrian friendly manner.
  • Lynden has historically maintained spacious streets with parking on both sides. To maintain the appearance of wide streets, parking strips planted with trees should be encouraged throughout the city to invite a more efficient user of the land while maintaining aesthetically pleasing thoroughfares.

These goals will endure throughout the years as the Comprehensive Plan is implemented and revised. The vision for Lynden will be the basis for decisions in the years to come. The vision, which is adopted as a portion and foundation of the Comprehensive Plan, will remain as a focal point in the plan throughout any and all revisions.

Policies will be implemented to ensure that these goals are attained and that Lynden’s quality of life is enhanced in future years.

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